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How to start pendulum dowsing from scratch

This video on youtube details how to use a pendulum

and how it actually works. This is aimed at the person

who has little or no experience in its use.



Starting EVP and ITC

On this video I show how I captured Electronic Voice Phenomena

sound clips, and Instrumental Trans-Communication images,

and provide some examples of what I have acquired.



Reincarnation - and beyond

Watch this video slide-show detailing the reincarnatory cycle,

and what happens to the person when they eventually

work their way out of it to Interplanetary Existence.



Aliens from Earth

Aliens from Earth

Watch this youtube video detailing who the supposed

'Alien Abductors' are - not visitors from space,

but evil entities from The Lower Astral Realms

of this Earth.



A Look at Manifestation

Watch this youtube video detailing how the Cosmos

came into being, what it actually is, and

how it operates.



The Lord's Prayer and The Solar System

Watch this youtube video detailing what I believe

The Lord's Prayer really refers to, and the

relationship between The Sun and its planets.



A look at mystical terms

Watch this youtube video detailing some of

the terms in common metaphysical usage.



Karma without the dogma

Watch this youtube video if you would like

to know about how karma works and what it is?



Uncle Raggy

Uncle Raggy had some kind words to say

Uncle Raggy is normally a ukulele and guitar teacher

on youtube. I commented on one of his videos and as a result

he looked at my videos (links above). He then uploaded a video

in which he said nice things about my presentations.

Thank you very much Uncle Raggy.


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Daphne Oram of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

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on the original text wording. Daphne Oram was

a co-founder of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

along with Delia Derbyshire.