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ITC stands for Instrumental Trans-Communication, and is a method being explored by many people to capture visual images of discarnte (wrongly called 'dead') people. The method I and many others are using involves pointing a video camera at a tv / monitor screen which is being fed from the camera, thereby producing a video feedback loop. For centuries a similar visual concept has been utilised by looking at light reflecting off the surface of agitated water. This is often refered to as 'scrying'.


ITC Phasing Image

It is patterns like this that are recorded in short sequencies

of probably no more than two minutes, and then split up

into frames - individual jpegs or pngs. These can be

inspected one at a time for any interesting

captures as seen further down the page:


Here is a diagram of my setup, which as this page is initially created has only been in use a few days.

Diagram of initial setup

This photo shows how the camera is situated in respect to my 32" tv.

(I do have a 10" crt colour monitor, and it does work with that.)

A webcam is mounted here on top of the cctv camera, to capture the full tv screen,

this can also be done by splitting the composite video and sending one

stream to the tv, and the other via a video converter to a computer.

This video stream of course only includes what the camera sees,

not necessarily the full tv screen.

Photo of the actual setup used.

This camera has a telephoto lense so only about the middle third

of the tv is seen. This is then displayed over the entire screen,

causing an expanding pattern. Also the camera iris is closed slowly until

the light / video signal is only marginally above the CCDs noise level.

If this allows too much light in (or not enough) the video raster can stabilise

either at a bright colour such as red or white, or at the dark end - black.

When set up correctly the raster will cycle spasmodically light and dark.

ITC images seem (for me) to only appear when the transition

is from dark to light, not vice versa.

I stress that some image interpretation may be completely subjective.

The detail I say I can see may not be so apparent to other visitors,

and they may see detail that I have missed . . .

These three next images are frames taken from my very first video recording.

In this first one I believe there are at least four 'faces', two of which strike me as being animals?.

ITC video 1 - frame capture 1

We now see another captured frame from the same video clip,
This looks like someone with closed eyes close to the front of the camera?

Frame capture 2 from video clip 1

The 3rd picture from this video clip looks to me like a person laying down
with the skull-like head slightly raised and resting against a stone wall or step?
Having seen movies like 'White Noise' and 'Psychic Detective', I
wondered if this may be the remains of someone connected with myself,
or a death situation that needs to be revued?

Frame capture 3 from video clip 1

The next picture came from my 2nd attempt at ITC video, and to me
shows a curly haired young female sat in a chair with her arms in front of
her face and head down. It looks like a white 'throw' on the back of the chair.
I can see her bust below her arms, and her left upper leg and knee.
To her left I think there is a man who is looking to his right?

Dancer - left side

This image likewise came from the 2nd video clip.
To the left side I can see a rather doll-like female stood upright,
She has a bobbed hairstyle and a very round face with indistinct details.
I can see her upper body and left arm. She may have a broad dark band
around her waist? Some visitors may be able to see other people in this frame.

Doll-like lady of left side of picture?

If you wonder how I know 'Frame numbers'?
I downloaded an open source (free) program off the internet named 'Physmo'.

It allows loading a video clip into the program, and when it starts
to analyse the clip it splits the whole length into individual pictures (png's).
One can then step through looking at each numbered frame in case a useful image is seen.

I ran it using a 2 terrabyte usb drive. My three minute video clip produced
about 5,450 png's, taking up a fair few megabytes. I needed to allow
more than an hour to step through all the separated frames - scrutinising each one.
When I'd finished I deleted all the unwanted frames (png's) to free the space up again.

This I find an interesting image ... The face at the top left

looks a little like a dog?, or some 'impish' figure?


The face in this one though is far more obvious.

It is a close-up with the eyes, nose and mouth clearly present.

There is even a hint of the hair line above the left eye.

Something appears to be held against the left cheek?

Please visit my 'Reincarnation' page for details on what happens when people
leave this world (not die!) - As we all will, and have repeatedly done
for many millennia.

. . . Leslie