Blessed is The Mother Earth
Blessed are The Cosmic Masters
Blessed is The Absolute

The Mother Earth has given us a home. We owe her everything.

All through our history The Space People have also watched over and helped us.

The Aquarian Age of spiritually motivated science has started.



Leslie giving a talk on manifestation

Here are some of the subjects

that Leslie likes to talk about:

Ghosts and Hauntings Want to lnow more ?  then simply ask  Leslie  . . . White Witchcraft
UFOs, Extra-Terrestrial life, Sightings and Encounters
Astro-Metaphysics, Creation and Manifestation
Man's true origins, Maldek, Lemuria and Atlantis

We've had space travel in the past . . .

It's real - travel on the subtle planes . . .

It's all in the mind !

Reincarnation, Life after death, Ghosts and Hauntings

The Mystical Path, Finding the Master, Learning The Way

Evolution, Development of awareness, Going back to God

Dowsing, and other ways to reclaim our psychic heritage

Radionics, Shape Power, Pyramids and Stonehenge

Aquarius - The age of Spiritually motivated science

Man, know thyself

The illusion of matter

Sacred imagery


I have a new page :-


dealing with experiments I have just started, having had

some success with EVP I now turn to the visual equivalent.

Look at the screen captures I have acquired already!


(Not if you know what it is)

UFOs, The Cosmic Masters, and Extra-Terrestrials

Model of a real 'Scout Craft'


See my UFO Picture galleries (Buttons on the left)

A real 'Scout Craft' ?

Photographed by George Adamski.


Ezekiel is reported to have encountered

an object which he described as

'Wheels within wheels' . . .

. . . isn't that what this underside view

of the above photo looks like?

Wheels within wheels?


Jesus HAS been seen in association with scout-craft

like the model and photo depicted above:



"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.

I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

Revelation 22:16


(Wording DOES differ in different Bibles!)


For example, the phrase

"In my Father's house there are many mansions"

is an incorrect translation from the Aramaic, which should be:

"In my Father's universe there are many dwelling places",

which indeed there are, and many visitors from other places

are individually known to us.



Jesus came from the bright and morning star (Venus) as did

The Lord Buddha (who has been back on Earth since 1956),

and The Sanat Kumara (The Ancient of Days) who left when

Buddha took over from him as The Lord of Shamballa.

The two masters The Lord Maitreya and Sri Sivananda

are also believed to be Venusian in origin. In the late 1950s

a Venusian lived at The Pentagon for about three years

and was known as 'Valiant Thor'. George King's mother

Mary King was also visited by a man from Venus when

she lived in Cornwall.


There have been several Martian intelligences on Earth

such as Hercules, Samson, Ahknaton and Saint Peter,

(actually, I think these latter two were the same person)

and at least two others from Saturn namely

The Lord Krishna and The Lord Babaji.

Babaji is still here and holds the position of

The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

and Master of The Earth .






Changeless Truth

A poem by

Leslie Baker (circa 1997)


What knowest thou of truth young friend?

What image do you see?

Reflections of the lesser light

can never set you free.


The eyes you use are illusion’s tool,

and cannot show the truth.

But when you look through just the eye

you will transcend your youth.


What thinkest thou of matter’s forms?

How solid do they seem?

Do they not feel just the same

as in your nightly dream?


The basic world is only real

while the basic mind believes.

The higher mind can see quite clear

how basic sense deceives.


So tune the eye to That which is,

and recognise the proof

that all which changes is not real,

yet behind all – changeless truth.







Ask Leslie to give a talk for you . . .

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Leslie demonstrating pendulum dowsing

Karen Frandsen and Ian Pleasance of

Eerie Investigations

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"The price of knowledge is service,

The tool of service is knowledge."

- Leslie Baker


Understanding the true nature of Man

Understanding the true nature of Man

Understanding the true nature of Man

These friendly skeletons are going to one of Leslie's talks,

why not join them, or ask Leslie to give a talk for YOU . . .





Do you often feel like you are trapped in a maze

and don't know enough to find your way out?

This site is aMAZEing ...

I started this website in the early 1990s to try and help

people who feel that they do not understand 'Metaphysics'

or the so-called 'Paranormal', and yet would like to.

So, to the best of my ability I try to explain such things as

Reincarnation and Life-after-death, UFOs, Psychic Phenomena,

Man's true Heritage and Destiny, and many other related things

in such a way that anyone should be able to understand them.

If you are interested but consider you know little about such

subjects I have no problems with you emailing me

with your questions.

I am here to help!

. . . Leslie



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